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Claim the throne and win $250,000

The Tournament

An intense one-on-one competition

In its proof-of-concept season, OBL hosted a two-day, regional, 32-player round-robin knockout tournament in 6 cities across the United States. With tournaments in Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, DMV, and Los Angeles, OBL provided basketball enthusiasts the opportunity to see the best hoopers in their region battle for a chance to win $10,000 and invitation to the 2022 OBL Finals in Las Vegas.

In addition to the winner of each Regional Tournament, the 2nd and 3rd place players also received invitations to the OBL Finals in Las Vegas. Players will competed in Las Vegas for a chance to win a $250,000 grand prize and be crowned “Ruler of the Court.”

  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • DMV
  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Atlanta
  • Houston

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Ones Basketball League is a first-ever elite competition that celebrates the most skilled one-on-one players on the planet. The first year of regional competition and public proof-of-concept takes place in 6 cities across the United States, beginning the weekend of April 29th in Houston and concluding the weekend of June 17th in Los Angeles. Las Vegas is home to the 2022 OBL Finals, July 15 – 16.

Each Regional Tournament features players sourced from local elite leagues, community events, and other forms of basketball competition. Some players are also selected from video submissions. To qualify, players must (a) be aged 18 and up; (b) not be currently under an NBA contract; and (c) not have been on an active NBA roster for more than 164 games.

Saturday of each Regional Tournament is “Seeding Day,” where each participant plays 7 seeding games against 7 different opponents and in accordance with the following rules:

  • Games will be played half court to 7 points or the expiration of a 10-minute running game clock, whichever occurs first, with made baskets inside the 3-point line counting as 1 point and made baskets beyond the 3-point line counting as 2 points.
  • There will be a 12-second possession clock. After 12 seconds, possession changes, even if the offensive player has attempted a shot and gets an offensive rebound.
  • After a made basket or dead-ball change of possession (e.g., offensive foul), the other player gets possession.
  • All fouls result in a reset of the possession until a player has committed 3 fouls. Beginning with a player’s 4th foul, if a player commits a defensive foul, the offensive player gets a 1-point free throw, regardless of whether the foul is committed while the offensive player is in the act of shooting.
  • Each player has one 1-minute timeout per game.
  • An offensive player may not back down the defensive player for more than 3 consecutive seconds, and any such violation will result in a change of possession.

Following the completion of Seeding Day, the top 8 players are seeded from #1 (best) through #8 (eighth best) based on wins. If two or more players have the same number of wins, the following tiebreakers are employed in descending order until the tie is broken:

  • Total points differential across the 7 seeding games (e.g., if a player wins a seeding game 7-5, the point differential for such seeding game is +2).
  • Total points scored across the 7 seeding games.
  • Total points allowed across the 7 seeding games (with the player that allowed fewer points winning the tie).

Sunday of each Regional Tournament is “Tournament Day” ( or “Showcase Sunday”). The top 8 players from Saturday play in a three-round single elimination tournament, with 1st place winning $10,000 and the top 3 receiving invites to the OBL Finals in Las Vegas. The rules on Tournament Day are the same as on Seeding Day, except that:

  • All games will be played until 9 points.
  • A free throw is granted beginning with a player’s 5th foul (rather than 4th foul).
  • If it is game point and a foul results in a free throw attempt being granted to a player, the player must make 2 consecutive free throws to be awarded the game-winning point, with a missed free throw resulting in a change of possession and no award of the game-winning point.

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